Combine skiing/snowboarding and learning French in Chamonix Valley!


Do you or your children need to start or improve your French either for schooling, career or simply to make your holidays in France more enjoyable? We will be happy to set up a flexible and personal course that will meet your needs in a short period of time, whether you wish to:

·         be able to speak french with your ski instructor.
·         discover French culture.
·         improve your grammar and pronunciation.
Our lessons can be taken individually or in group:
·         Private, tailor-made lessons, from 1 to 2 people.
·         Group lessons, from 3 to 4 people in a small family atmosphere.


Whether you are a beginner or an expert in skiing or snowboarding, the ESF instructors will be happy to help you reach the next level.

Les Houches French Ski School (ESF)

6 Good Reasons For Learning French:

1/ French is along with English, the only language spoken on five continents.

More than 274 million people speak French on all the five continents. French is a major language of International Communication. It is the second most widely learned language after English and the sixth most widely spoken language in the world. It is taught on every continent.

2/ Learning one language is not enough.

Students who speak several languages will increase their chances of finding a job.

3/ A career asset.

The ability to speak both French and English is an advantage for finding a job with the many multinational companies using French as their working language in a wide range of sectors. France, as the world's fifth biggest economy, attracts entrepreneurs, researchers and the cream of foreign students.

4/ An introduction to an incomparable cultural universe.

French is often considered to be the language of culture. A French lesson is a cultural journey into the worlds of fashion, gastronomy, the arts, architecture and science. Learning French offers access to the works of great French writers such as Victor Hugo, Léopold Sendar Senghor....

5/ Visting Paris, the rest of France but also Canada, Africa, Switzerland, Seychelles....

The ability to speak even a little French makes it so much enjoyable to visit Paris, all the regions of France and a lot of others places!

6/ It is the language of international relations.

A working and official language (UN, NATO, Red Cross, UNESCO....)

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